We are very pleased to be continuing our food service with Revolution Foods for the 2017-2018 year.

CHIME continues to offer a wide variety of healthy and delicious meal options. Our menu offers an abundance of choices such as Chicken bites/Mac and cheese, chicken potstickers, chicken enchiladas, cheeseburgers, cheese pizza, hot dog, pancake (breakfast for lunch), beefy bean & cheese burrito. Cold lunch options are also available such as taco dippers, chicken Caesar salad, honey mustard chicken wrap and turkey and cheese sandwich. Students will choose one meal options every day. Our menu offers at least one vegetarian option every day and includes choices for students with other sensitivities such as allergies/dairy free. An array of organic fruits and vegetables are also available with each school lunch as well as a healthy snack, and choice of beverage (1% low-fat milk, nonfat reduced sugar chocolate milk, ). Our program has all of the variety, nutrition, and convenience you could ask for.

1. Fill one form for each student
2. Attach Check or Cash with form
3. Forms are due a week of advance on Tuesday’s To ensure that your student has a meal ready for each school day please follow the ordering deadlines and instructions.

  • All Meals must be ordered by 3:00 PM the Tuesday prior to the week of lunch service. For example: If you want your child to eat the next week, you must order this week on or before Tuesday before 3:00 P.M. We recommend that you order for the week or even the entire month at a time.
  • Unfortunately, because we order a week in advance we are not able to offer refunds. We are also not able to offer if student forgets to pick up lunch or absent.
  1. Meal orders will be placed directly with the CHIME office.
  2. Please fill out one form per student and turn in to office by TUESDAY before Beginning of upcoming month.

At CHIME, and at REVOLUTION FOODS, we are firm believers that eating nutritious and healthy meals directly impacts students’ ability to learn and focus while in school. We are dedicated to providing the best possible quality foods for our students while presenting them with many choices to expand their knowledge of healthy foods and healthy eating habits. We look forward to serving you this year.

Mario Quintero, Meal Coordinator
Peggy Berrenson, Meal Coordinator

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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