CHIME Institute Leadership

Annie Cox, Executive Director Early Education Programs
Annie Cox is the Executive Director of Early Education Programs for the CHIME Institute.  Her dedication is reflected in the successful operation of the Infant & Toddler and Preschool & Kindergarten Programs. Ms. Cox has contributed significantly to the development of the CHIME mission and philosophy, supported development of new programs including the CHIME Charter Elementary School, and mentored newer members of the staff and leadership team. Her professional experience in the field of education extends for the past twenty years. Ms. Cox also has extensive experience working with adults with developmental disabilities. In addition, Ms. Cox provided early intervention services for young children with disabilities at UCLA and acted as an inclusion specialist for preschool children with disabilities in a full inclusion site. Ms. Cox has served as a part-time instructor, master teacher, and fieldwork supervisor for the Department of Special Education at CSUN. She currently trains and supports teachers in the field of Early Childhood Special Education and since 1989 has provided mentoring and supervision for university students at the CSUN.

Erin Studer, Executive Director of Charter School Programs for the CHIME Institute
Mr. Erin Studer is the Executive Director of Charter School Programs for the CHIME Institute. He holds a bachelor’s degree in religion with a minor in English from the University of Iowa, a master’s in special education from National University, and he was among the first cohort to graduate in 2011 from California State University, Northridge doctoral program in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Mr. Studer began his educational career in 1998 with Summit View School, which offers comprehensive elementary, middle, and high school programs for students with learning differences. A few years later, he was asked to help open Summit View’s west campus in Los Angeles. Mr. Studer started his administrative career as an athletic director. He has also been a high school dean, a curriculum coordinator, and a principal. He has worked with students K-12 and at the college level and has provided training for hundreds of teachers in the areas of neurodevelopment and cooperative learning strategies. He has also consulted with several local schools and districts on the design and implementation of professional development programs.

Jennifer Hill, CHIME Charter School K – 5th Grade Principal
Jennifer Hill is the K-5 Principal for CHIME Institute’s Schwarzenegger’s Community School. She was one of CHIME’s founding teachers and began her teaching career teaching 2nd grade back in 2001 when the school first opened. She has a wide variety of teaching experience throughout her 12 years of instruction in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade classrooms. For the past 2 years, she was working directly with all the teachers, staff, and administration as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona and completed her Master’s degree in Language and Literacy from CSUN. She has presented at several National conferences to disseminate her knowledge, experience, and belief that it is best practice to have all students learn together in an inclusive school environment.

Kathy Jamison, CHIME Charter School 6th – 8th Grade Principal
Kathy Jamison has been in education for over 25 years. She graduated from CSU, Northridge, with a degree in English and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential in Elementary Education. Prior to teaching, she had an extensive career in retail management but returned to education to make it her permanent career. She worked for a private school as a 2nd grade teacher and, in addition to teaching, was the Assistant to the Principal. In 2006, Kathy received her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and an Administrative Credential from Grand Canyon University in Arizona. She joined CHIME as a 2nd grade teacher in 2007. She was a master teacher, training a number of CSUN student teachers embarking on their own educational journey, and has always worked closely with the CHIME administrators. She believes that CHIME is a community where all students, parents, and professionals appreciate and value diversity.

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