Board of Directors

The founding Board of Directors of the CHIME Institute was comprised of parents of CHIME students and California State University, Northridge (CSUN) faculty and community representatives. With the organization’s growth, the Board has been expanding and evolving to bring in specific expertise and skills, i.e., business management and finance. The Board currently has representation from the fields of education, business management, law, marketing, and community activism.

Patrick Smith, President

Patrick Smith joined the Board in 2000 and served as chair of the board from 2000 to 2006 and as president of the CHIME Institute from 2004 to 2006. His association with the CHIME Institute began in 1996 with the enrollment of his son Daniel in the CHIME preschool program. He and his wife Delia are founding parents of the CHIME charter schools, and four of their five children are either attending or are graduates of the schools.

Mr. Smith is a partner at Beltran, Beltran, Smith, Oppel & MacKenzie, LLP, and a practicing attorney for over 25 years. His practice areas are varied, but focus on public interest litigation, including civil rights law, education issues, and criminal defense at all levels. His primary focus involves the representation of families with members who have disabilities, involving educational and other service related issues, juvenile law, and adult and juvenile criminal defense. His practice has included and continues to include appellate representation before the United States Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and all state appellate courts. His trial practice is national and includes work before the California Office of Administrative Hearings and state and federal court, including courts in CA, TN, CO, NE, TX and IL. He is a lecturer and author for attorney Continuing Education programs in California on civil rights and education. Previously, he was an associate at the law firm of Klass, Helman & Ross specializing in civil rights, business litigation and transactions, and criminal defense. He has also served as law clerk to the Honorable Robert M. Takasugi, Judge of the United States District Court for the Central District of California, and as an attorney in the Los Angeles County Public Defender Office and in the United States Department of Justice Honors Program.

His community service includes having served as vice president of the board of directors of the Dubnoff Center, a nonpublic school, and as a member of the board of trustees for the Williams Syndrome Foundation. He teaches religious education at his local church.

Mr. Smith has a bachelor’s degree in English from Northern Arizona University and a Juris Doctor, cum laude, from Southwestern University School of Law.

Melissa Aguilar

Tony Battaglia

Dawn Hamilton

Joshua Mark, Interim CFO

Joshua Mark joined the Board in 2007. He and his family have been active members of the CHIME community since his daughters entered kindergarten. Heidi, his wife, is a weekly volunteer in the girls’ classrooms, serves on the Parent Association Board (membership coordinator), and is CHIME’s volunteer librarian. Mr. Mark is also on the Parent Association Board focusing on increasing the school’s revenue through various fundraising programs. For example, under his coordination, participation in the eScrip/Grocery Loyalty Program increased from 75 to over 400 participants with funds to the school from this program growing from $400 a year to $10,000. Other Mark Family members who are active in the CHIME community are his mother, a former preschool teacher, who volunteers weekly in the art teacher’s room and his father, former LAUSD assistant superintendent for special education, who has volunteered services in a variety of capacities for both the school and the institute.

Mr. Mark is the executive director, Special Event Production, Creative Services, and the director of sustainability for FOX Broadcasting Company. His responsibilities include handling the technical production and logistics for FOX’s corporate meetings, sports hospitality programs, premier parties and special events. Prior to working at FOX, he worked for several other television production companies as an associate producer, production coordinator, and other positions on such television shows as Saved By the Bell, City Guys, California Dreams, and Grace Under Fire.

He received a B.F.A. degree in design, production, and stage management from North Carolina School of the Arts and an M.F.A. in producing from the American Film Institute.

Traci Myman

Traci Myman joined the Board in 2012. Ms. Myman is currently vice president of business affairs at the ABC Entertainment Group. In this capacity, she is responsible for structuring and negotiating the deals to develop and license prime-time programming on the ABC Broadcast Network. Prior to working at ABC Entertainment, Ms. Myman was an associate at the law firms of Youngerman & McNutt, LLP and Gabriel & Herman, LLP where she was primarily engaged in business litigation matters.

Before practicing law, Ms. Myman applied her passion and advocacy skills towards helping others. At the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, Ms. Myman served as a community relations & outreach associate for LA Convention 2000. Prior to this she also worked as a community outreach coordinator for Big Sisters of Los Angeles. Working in these capacities taught Ms. Myman the importance of working cooperatively and building positive relationships in the community.

Ms. Myman received a B.A. in English and a B.F.A. in television and broadcast journalism from Chapman University and a J.D. from Loyola Law School.

Marc Polansky

Matt Rinnert

Board Brown Act Training

CHIME Board Meetings Schedule
CHIME Institute's Schwarzenegger Board of Director’s Meeting Schedule

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda/Minutes
Agenda 01/22/16 Minutes 01/22/16
Agenda 02/19/16 Minutes 02/19/16
Agenda 04/29/16 Minutes 04/29/16
Agenda 05/23/16 Minutes 05/23/16
Agenda 06/27/16 Minutes 06/27/16
Agenda 08/29/16 Minutes 08/29/16
Agenda 09/26/16 Minutes 09/26/16
Agenda 11/14/16 Minutes 11/14/16
Agenda 12/12/16 Minutes 12/12/16
Agenda 01/23/17 Minutes 01/23/17
Agenda 03/06/17 Minutes 03/06/17
Agenda 04/04/17 Minutes 04/04/17
Agenda 05/02/17 Minutes 05/02/17
Agenda 06/27/17 Minutes 06/27/17
Agenda 08/22/17 Minutes 08/22/17
Agenda 09/28/17 Minutes 09/28/17
Agenda 10/24/17 Minutes 10/24/17
Agenda 11/28/17 Minutes 11/28/17
Agenda 12/12/17 Minutes 12/12/17
Agenda 01/23/18 Minutes 01/23/18
Agenda 04/19/18 Minutes 04/19/18
Agenda 05/24/18 Minutes 05/24/18
Agenda 06/21/18 Minutes 06/21/18
Agenda 08/24/18 Minutes 08/24/18
Agenda 09/25/18 Minutes 09/25/18
Agenda 11/06/18 Minutes 11/06/18
Agenda 12/04/18 Minutes 12/04/18
Agenda 01/08/19 Minutes 01/08/19
Agenda 02/05/19 Minutes 02/05/19
Agenda 03/05/19 Minutes 03/05/19
Agenda 04/02/19 Minutes 04/02/19
Agenda 05/07/19 Minutes 05/07/19
Agenda 06/04/19 Minutes 06/04/19
Agenda 06/04/19 Minutes 06/04/19 Special Meeting
Agenda 06/25/19 Minutes 06/25/19
Agenda 08/20/19 Minutes 08/20/19
Agenda 09/03/19 Minutes 09/03/19
Agenda 09/28/19 Board of Directors Retreat
Agenda 10/07/19 Minutes 10/07/19 Special Meeting
Agenda 11/05/19 Minutes 11/05/19
Agenda 12/03/19 Minutes 12/03/19
Agenda 01/07/20 Minutes 01/07/20
Agenda 02/04/20 Minutes 02/04/20
Agenda 03/03/20 Minutes 03/03/20
Agenda 03/13/20 Minutes 03/13/20
Agenda 04/07/20 Minutes 04/07/20
Agenda 05/05/20 Minutes 05/05/20
Agenda 05/20/20 Minutes 05/20/20
Agenda 06/02/20 Minutes 06/02/20
Agenda 06/23/20 Minutes 06/23/20
Agenda 07/21/20 Minutes 07/21/20
Agenda 08/25/20 Minutes 08/25/20
Agenda 09/08/20 Minutes 09/08/20
Agenda 09/14/20 Minutes 09/14/20
Agenda 09/29/20 Minutes 09/29/20
Agenda 10/06/20 Minutes 10/06/20
Agenda 11/10/20 Minutes 11/10/20
Agenda 11/10/20 - Charter School Minutes 11/10/20
Agenda 12/08/20 Minutes 12/08/20
Agenda 12/08/20 - Charter School Minutes 12/08/20
Agenda 01/05/21 Minutes 01/05/21
Agenda 01/05/21 - Charter School Minutes 01/05/21
Agenda 02/02/21 Minutes 02/02/21
Agenda 02/02/21 - Charter School Minutes 02/02/21
Agenda 03/02/21 Minutes 03/02/21
Agenda 03/02/21 - Charter School Minutes 03/02/21
Agenda 04/06/21 Minutes 04/06/21
Agenda 04/06/21 - Charter School Minutes 04/06/21
Agenda 05/04/21 Minutes 05/04/21
Agenda 05/04/21 - Charter School Minutes 05/04/21
Agenda 06/01/21 Minutes 06/01/21
Agenda 06/01/21 - Charter School Minutes 06/01/21
Agenda 06/29/21 Minutes 06/29/21
Agenda 06/29/21 - Charter School Minutes 06/29/21
Agenda 08/03/21 Minutes 08/03/21
Agenda 08/03/21 - Charter School Minutes 08/03/21
Agenda 09/14/21 Minutes 09/14/21
Agenda 09/14/21 - Charter School Minutes 09/14/21
Agenda 09/14/21 - Special Meeting Minutes 09/14/21
Agenda 10/05/21 Minutes 10/05/21
Agenda 10/05/21 - Charter School Minutes 10/05/21
Agenda 10/28/21 - Special Meeting Minutes 10/28/21
Agenda 11/02/21 Minutes 11/02/21
Agenda 11/02/21 - Charter School Minutes 11/02/21
Agenda 12/07/21 Minutes 12/07/21
Agenda 12/07/21 - Charter School Minutes 12/07/21
Agenda 1/04/22 Minutes 1/04/22
Agenda 1/04/22 - Charter School Minutes 1/04/22
Agenda 2/01/22 Minutes 2/01/22
Agenda 2/01/22 - Charter School Minutes 2/01/22
Agenda 3/08/22 Minutes 3/08/22
Agenda 3/08/22 - Charter School Minutes 3/08/22
Agenda 4/05/22 Minutes 4/05/22
Agenda 4/05/22 - Charter School Minutes 4/05/22
Agenda 5/03/22 Minutes 5/03/22
Agenda 5/03/22 - Charter School Minutes 5/03/22
Agenda 6/07/22 Minutes
Agenda 6/07/22 - Charter School Minutes
Agenda 6/28/22 Minutes
Agenda 6/28/22 - Charter School Minutes
Agenda 8/09/22 Minutes
Agenda 8/09/22 - Charter School Minutes
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